What if falling down the rabbit hole led you to a life of sustainable happiness?

Enter the looking glass

March 18th

Escape into a wonderland where you awaken to your true self-worth,

Reinvent your reality through gentle intention,

Manifest Your Wildest Dreams,

Start living your "Happily Ever NOW."

amazing teacher

"I’d like to share a reflection from a recent call with Nanci. I worked with Nanci on her book ‘’Happily Ever Now," which was a magical experience. When I reconnected with Nanci via zoom this past weekend, I was struck by how it feels to speak with someone with no agenda. (Oddly enough, after months of phone calls to work on the book, we'd never communicated by video.) While so many topics and ideas came up, I never once felt that there was any particular way I needed to react, anything I had to say, or anything I had to do. I could just be in the space and be with the words. No need to change, no need to be different. It was very refreshing but also a bit uncanny, because it made me realize how in most of my conversations, I am always trying to get the other person to change, or the other person is trying to get me to do something. It really opened something up for me around not needing myself or other people to change or be different. Putting it to the test these last few days, I'm finding it closes separation between me and the other person, and puts me back into a stance of completeness. A big difference already, and I feel excited to be doing this mind-blowing work with her!"

-Andy Jones

Do you feel like you're wandering aimlessly through life without a clear sense of purpose or meaning?

Does your happiness seem fleeting, fading with life's inevitable ups and downs?

You grasp at dreams just outside your reach, hoping to manifest them yet doubting your self-worth and abilities. You long to reinvent yourself and author a new life story colored by inspiration. But you feel trapped by circumstance and judgment, asking “Is this all there is?” You crave guideposts to head confidently toward the life you know is possible deep down. My friend, you have fallen down the rabbit hole, and now yearn to discover your wondrous escape.

Have you wondered if more joy could be waiting just through the looking glass?

When you try manifesting dreams alone,

you feel trapped wandering a maze of doubt and constraints.

Frustration and disappointment rise up

as you lack motivation, discipline, or clarity on how to proceed towards dreams....

(Outdated beliefs about your potential)

What burdens weigh down your spirit,

blocking you from sustainable joy?


Self-doubt persistent worries about inadequacy prevent you from unleashing your potential.


Limiting beliefs assumptions that key dreams are impossible constrain how high you reach.


Negative conditioning critical self-talk reinforces feelings of helplessness and being "stuck."


Life chaos constant demands and stimulation distract you from meaningful reflection.


Disconnectedness feeling isolated or envious makes happiness seem out of grasp.

This doesn't have to be your reality

Through guided meditations, reflective exercises, and personal coaching, you'll explore the limitless potential of your self net worth,

I'm Nanci Reed, self-worth coach, author, and spiritual teacher

I support heart-centered, sensitive, intuitive, successful women value their Self at the level of their biggest Dream, not their doubts, even before their Dream fully comes true without the paralysis of perfectionism, imposter syndrome, self-judgment or comparisons by using deliberate kindness and curiosity as the cornerstones to invite total transformation and manifestation of abundance on every level.

I nurture and inspire perfectly imperfect active decision makers and life participants who believe in the reality of their dreams, and who share an even bigger collective Dream of manifesting the best life experience not only for themself but for all those that share the world with them.

"Nothing is impossible"

I have tried something I learned from Nanci a couple of months ago when she said that nothing is impossible and how we can affirm things we want to accomplish in the morning before breakfast. It really works. I know I cannot change everything at once, but since yesterday I have been working on a chapter from my dissertation. Thank you Nanci for being such an inspiration!

Germaine Hillerström


Your Wondrous Adventures with Sustainable Happiness

4-week virtual course inspired by the whimsical wisdom of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland." 

Let me walk you through

What's included in your program?

Down the Rabbit Hole

Discovering Self Net Worth

Unearth your true desires and recognize your inherent self net worth.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify personal dreams

  • Transition from "I think" to "I know"

  • Embracing gentle agency


  • An empowered mindset ready to explore deeper truths and possibilities

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the power of intention.

  • Practice deliberate kindness.

  • Initiate personal changes with confidence.


  • Enhanced creativity and agency in personal reality creation.

Painting Roses Red

Crafting Your Reality

Learn to actively shape your reality through intention and deliberate kindness.

Through the Looking Glass

Reflection and Growth

Gain insights through reflection and tailored guidance in a private coaching call.

Learning Objectives:

  • Deepen self-reflection

  • Articulate actionable steps towards goals

  • Enhance personal growth strategies.


  • A clearer vision of one's path and the steps needed to manifest one's dreams.

Learning Objective:

  • Engage in profound meditation for self-discovery

  • Integrate insights into daily life

  • Embody your future self now


  • The belief in 'impossible things' as the foundation of a reality where dreams are not only possible but inevitable.

Meeting Your Quantum Elder Self

Embracing the Impossible

Solidify belief in sustainable happiness by connecting with your Quantum Elder Self.

This course is not merely a journey through whimsical themes but an invitation to live your "Happily Ever NOW," with your dreams manifested and your self net worth fully realized.

Sustainable Happiness

Discover joy that endures through life's twists and turns, rooted in deep self-awareness and intentional living.

Gentle Agency

Navigate life's challenges with grace, making decisions from a place of empowered calm.

Perfectly Imperfect

Celebrate and leverage your unique imperfections as strengths, rather than striving for unattainable perfection.

"Absolutely blown away"

I did a coaching call with Nanci recently. She is such a light and soft energy. She gently guided me through a meditation and I was absolutely blown away. She has an immaculate gift and I can see what so many others have seen. Thank you Nanci!!! You helped me see a space of support that I couldn’t see of my own! Thank you!!!

Kelsey Mangan

"Your Wondrous Adventures with Sustainable Happiness" is more than a course;

it's a journey to the heart of your dreams,

guided by the wisdom of Alice's adventures.

(and the powerful principles of quantum manifestation.)


Connect with the wisdom of your future self, harnessing this insight to manifest your desired reality.


Explore the principles of quantum physics as a metaphor for the immediate impact of your thoughts and intentions on your reality.


Lead with love, both for yourself and others, as the guiding principle of your actions and decisions.

You never have to feel lost again...

  • Stop having heavy burdens of self-doubt.

  • Stop believing the assumptions about what's possible that sabotage your progress.

  • Stop envisioning goals without support, unconscious beliefs undermine your creativity.

"Nothing is impossible"

I have tried something I learned from Nanci a couple of months ago when she said that nothing is impossible and how we can affirm things we want to accomplish in the morning before breakfast. It really works. I know I cannot change everything at once, but since yesterday I have been working on a chapter from my dissertation. Thank you Nanci for being such an inspiration!

Germaine Hillerström

Amazing Teacher

Nanci is an amazing teacher, and I find her classes so incredibly helpful, calming, and enlightening in a way which centers my body and mind. I highly recommend her! I can’t get enough of her Pilates classes!

Sara Bogart

Embark on a transformative journey with

Your Wondrous Adventures with Sustainable Happiness

Guided Meditations

Reflective Exercises

Personal Coaching

You'll explore the limitless potential of

Your Self Net Worth

Connect with your Quantum Elder Self

Sample the Art of Quantum Manifestation

today's Price =$111

As you venture through this program, you'll not only witness the transformation of your own life but also become a beacon of hope and inspiration for others to believe in the beauty of their own 'impossible things.'