Believing you have to choose between being happy NOW and waiting for everything to be perfect?

Gentle agency and perfectly imperfect sustainable happiness are really about choosing to be the author of your own story.

Take imperfection off the table and see how everything - to infinity and beyond becomes available.

Step into the possibility of everything you dream, without considering your doubts.

1:1 coaching with me creates a safe space, without judgement to allow you to see what could be and share your sparkle with the world.

"Nanci's way of "kindness and gentleness" is a path out of that kind of world and into a world of kindness!"

"In this book, [Happily Ever NOW], Nanci demonstrates for us what a true miracle is! Telling her stories of what she went through and how she overcame them was incredible inspiring to read. And then to become an incredible teacher by guiding her clients heal themselves from a level that few understand.

Reading her book helped me to see some things I have been ignoring, and then how to heal them in a very gentle and kind way. If you are ready to heal yourself on a level beyond the physical too, I highly recommend getting this book.

In a world where there seems to be so much cruelty and meanness, Nanci's way of "kindness and gentleness" is a path out of that kind of world and into a world of kindness!"

-Andy Jones

unlock new levels of success and fulfillment..

Share My Shine NOW

This experience is created in a way that aligns your biggest dreams with a path forward. I help you move beyond your doubts to see the possibilities.

Choose between a 3-month or 6-month journey, with bi-monthly coaching sessions all designed and customized to your goals, whether personal. professional or spiritual.

gently Embrace the idea that giving up the need for perfection will create
the future you really dream about.

Imagine a world that embraces

your voice, your message, your essence

while allowing you to really choose your happiness

happiness is not just created by you, it is designed by you.

Share My Shine NOW

1:1 coaching

Allow yourself to be curious about how setting aside time, just for you, to discover your own journey and embrace this idea that the world needs to hear your voice.

Each coaching session is designed to allow you to lead and be lead. We will discover the things holding you back together while I also encourage you to be gentle with yourself and allow space for growth.

During the time we work together, we will use guided meditation, visualization, transforming limiting beliefs to affirming ones and define the way you want to see your experiences and share them with the world.

Transformation happens because I help you see that you always get to choose. The path you take is the one defined and created by the vision you set.

Each session, each meditation, each practice we do together will allow you to further embrace this idea of perfectly imperfect sustainable happiness a little more.

Choose you. Choose Happiness. Choose to share your shine.

"Her ability to make meditation easily accessible and to create a true community"

"Working with Nanci in her meditation class helped me finally create a solid meditation practice. Her ability to make meditation easily accessible and to create a true community amongst those of us in class was beautiful. I found so many insights that she helped to bring about for me. One thing that will stick with me is to challenge myself to say ‘I know ‘ over ‘I think’ and all that implies. I also was able to recognize the fear at the heart of ‘what if’ and to challenge it and myself with ‘even if.’ Thank you, Nanci!"

-Winifred Lezine

"she is a mind and body whisperer who can see what is going on with you and magically fix it"

"Nanci is not just a pilates instructor - she is a mind and body whisperer who can see what is going on with you and magically fix it. After her classes I have so much energy, I feel taller, I feel healthier, I feel stronger. She goes at the pace you're comfortable with and never any judgment. I HIGHLY recommend her. If you're just looking around for a great pilates/physical therapy/spine whisperer/all around amazing person - stop looking, you've found her"

-Natalie Procter

the ultimate coaching experience tailored specifically for heart centered women ready to experience sustainable happiness and share the sparkle and shine with the world every day.

Share My Shine NOW

To support the mindset transformation and further support your vision, you will receive 1 personalized guided meditation for every month we work together.

It is important to me that my clients feel supported, even between our calls so I make myself available for questions and additional coaching via telegram.

3 Months =$3,600

6 Months =$6,400