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"“nothing is impossible” when we learn how to let go of fear and to reconnect to our inner guidance."

"I really enjoyed reading Nanci Reed’s Happily Ever Now. By sharing personal stories and practical exercises, the author explores the theme that “nothing is impossible” when we learn how to let go of fear and to reconnect to our inner guidance.

The book is divided into three parts. In the first part of the book the author describes some really amazing stories from her personal life and how she overcame quite challenging situations such as the birth of her daughter and a car accident which she was involved in. There are also some heartwarming stories in the book. One of my favorite stories is about how she bumped into her ex-husband at a coffee shop after not being in touch for some years (you will definitely love this one). The second part of the book offers a one-week mindset makeover where the author shares some exercises on how to introduce kindness and curiosity into our lives. Finally, in the last part of the book, the author guides the reader into a twelve-week self-healing journey. There are a lot fun exercises to practice in this part of the book.

I am so grateful to the author for writing this book and giving us inspiration on how to deal with life hardships and difficult relationships. One can really feel the author’s gentleness as she guides the reader on how to start one’s personal journey of self-healing and how she reminds us that there is no "perfect" self-healing journey. If you are looking for concrete tools on how to deal with real life’s situations then you need to buy this book NOW. You will not only learn how to cope with struggles that we all face in our daily lives, but you will also learn the real meaning of “nothing is impossible”."


unlock new levels of success and fulfillment..

Aligned on Every Level

It's personalized, focused, and designed to amplify your strengths while addressing your unique challenges. With tailored strategies, expert insights, and unwavering support, you'll unlock new levels of success and fulfillment. Whether it's mastering advanced techniques, growing your client base, or finding balance between work and wellness, our coaching empowers you to achieve your goals with confidence and clarity.

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Aligned on Every Level


Immerse yourself in six one-hour coaching sessions, each meticulously tailored to the unique landscape of your business, goals, and aspirations. Nanci offers a personalized approach, weaving her deep understanding of your individual journey into every session.

These encounters are more than just conversations; they are catalysts for transformation, designed to align with your vision and propel you toward your desired future. Experience the power of coaching that resonates with your personal ambitions, driving you forward with focused guidance and support. Embark on this journey to unlock your potential and manifest the success you envision.


Embark on a transformative journey with three of Nanci's personalized meditations, meticulously designed to align with your unique story and aspirations. Nanci combines her profound insight into mindfulness and a keen understanding of your individual journey to craft sessions that cater directly to your needs.

These meditations transcend mere moments of calm, serving as bridges to enhanced inner peace, clarity, and happiness. Let Nanci's gentle guidance and tailored imagery unlock your full potential, empowering you to face life's challenges with newfound strength and serenity. Discover the life-changing impact of personalized meditation and start your path towards a more balanced and joyful existence.


Embrace an exclusive bonus that extends beyond the sessions: direct Telegram support paired with one-on-one Pilates instruction. This unique blend of continuous, personalized guidance and tailored physical coaching is designed to support your journey at every step.

Nanci offers this added value to ensure you have the resources and attention needed to thrive, both in your professional endeavors and personal well-being. Experience the luxury of having an expert in your corner, ready to assist with advice, encouragement, and tailored Pilates routines that complement your coaching experience, enhancing your overall growth and success.

"..puts me back into a stance of completeness."

"I’d like to share a reflection from a recent call with Nanci. I worked with Nanci on her book ‘’Happily Ever Now," which was a magical experience. When I reconnected with Nanci via zoom this past weekend, I was struck by how it feels to speak with someone with no agenda. (Oddly enough, after months of phone calls to work on the book, we'd never communicated by video.) While so many topics and ideas came up, I never once felt that there was any particular way I needed to react, anything I had to say, or anything I had to do. I could just be in the space and be with the words. No need to change, no need to be different. It was very refreshing but also a bit uncanny, because it made me realize how in most of my conversations, I am always trying to get the other person to change, or the other person is trying to get me to do something. It really opened something up for me around not needing myself or other people to change or be different. Putting it to the test these last few days, I'm finding it closes separation between me and the other person, and puts me back into a stance of completeness. A big difference already, and I feel excited to be doing this mind-blowing work with her!"

-Andy Jones

Introducing the ultimate 90 day, one-on-one coaching program designed specifically for Pilates instructors aiming to align their personal and professional lives while cultivating a flourishing business.

Aligned on Every Level

This bespoke program is meticulously tailored to empower you with the tools, insights, and strategies necessary to thrive. Nanci's expert guidance will help you uncover your unique path to success, ensuring you not only achieve your business goals but also maintain harmony and alignment in every aspect of your life. Embrace the opportunity to transform your passion into a thriving enterprise, with Nanci leading the way to a more fulfilled, balanced, and successful future.

  • 6 - 1 hour coaching sessions

  • 3 personalized meditations

  • Welcome gift

  • 1-on-1 pilates instruction

  • Telegram support

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